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Biography: Army Days

Sri Kalki Peedum Society / ஸ்ரீ கல்கி பீடும் சங்கம்

During his National Service days, Mano made many new friends. Like others, he was involved in many types of exercises and field training. One day in particular, after his routine exercise, he was taking a nap on the field. He was awakened by shouts around him. He opened his eyes and saw his friends telling him not to move and pointed at the cobra on Mano's chest. One of his friends ran to the officer to inform him about the snake. However, Mano was calm and simply asked the snake to leave immediately and in respond it slithered away.

After his three months basic training, he was given a driver's course but mother Kali told him to change his duties. Mano stayed in barracks and visited his parents on weekends. He spent more time in prayers during his off duty hours. His immediate officers and friends understood him well. He brought a photo of Kali mother and placed it in his cupboard. At times, he sat at secluded places or haunted places and meditated on mother.

On black moon days, he prepared delicious food and placed them near a banana tree. Then he would close his eyes and prayed to mother. Mother would make her presence known when the banana tree shakes. He would then leave the place awhile later. Next day, the food that he offered will not be there. Once an inquisitive friend trailed him and hide to see what Mano was up to. He got very frightened to see the banana tree moving vigorously and he immediately left the place.

When his friend asked about the incident, Mano told him that he was offering food to Mother Kali. The news spread around the camp. Those who understood his spiritual powers began to seek his help for their personal problems. He gained much respect from others. With permission from his officers, Mano placed an altar for prayers in his room. Officers and others who visited his room will remove their shoes before entering. However, there were some who planned to sabotage him out of jealousy but they did not succeed due to mother Kali's blessings. Mano realised that he gained powers more easily from mother Kali than those who sat for many years in penance.

Mano's greatest wish was to see mother in person. So on one black moon day, he prepared some food and went to the cemetery with great urge in seeing mother. He chose a location and spread out the food, burnt some candles and sat in deep meditation asking mother to appear.

Mother Kali appeared in her fierce form but Mano was not afraid in seeing her. Instead he felt braver and her presence made him feel like meeting a long time friend. Mano asked her many questions and one of it was about religions and numerous gods. She replied, 'there is only one God and god is not a male or a female. It's a powerful energy glimmering with vast light'.

Various forms were taken to acknowledge the prayers of great devotees. Religions are like a path to understand about God, his likes and dislikes. Mano was thrilled and mother Kali fed him with a handful of food that represented divine knowledge and power before disappearing. This incident inspired him to pursue deeper faith upon her. (Cemetery is place where all the dead rests in peace. A king or a pauper, after death all belongs here without any status.

Materialistic desires of all living being dies here too. Mother Kali is above all materialistic desires. Her devotees should neglect such desires and be very brave like her. To them she appears fast. She gives the knowledge to understand maya (darkness) and death is a reminder for us. Like us, feeding on the (dead) seafood, meat, vegetables etc. She takes back what she gives and as such she chose the cemetery as a home).

On another night, a young girl about 6 years old awakened Mano. She asked him to write down some details and then disappeared. So Mano went back to sleep again. Suddenly, he jerked up from bed thinking who the girl was at that hour in an army camp. He looked at the paper beside him and saw some information on it. He understood that 'Mother' came as a very beautiful girl to give a message. With a heart of joy Mano went to sleep again.

He bought all the things written on the paper and waited for the right day. He prepared as instructed, put the powder in a casing (a hollow case with cover) and wore it around his waist with a piece of red string. He felt very warm. One evening, Mano and his friends went to a night market. While they were strolling along the shops, suddenly Mano felt that there was going to be an accident. He told his friends to cross the road. He followed behind a short distance away.

Suddenly, Mano was knocked down by a car and thrown a few meters away. The car was badly dented in front and the driver had serious head injuries. Mano stood up without any injuries though he felt slightly dizzy. The policemen on patrol called an ambulance to bring the driver to hospital. They were surprise to see Mano in good condition. However, he was sent to hospital for observation. The doctor discharged him, as his reports were ok.

Mano went back to camp and took a shower. He remembered about the casing he was wearing and found that it was slightly dented. He was still thinking, how he escaped without injuries. After his bath, he took his dinner and went to bed. He soon fell asleep. 'Mother' came in his dream as a young girl who had visited him earlier. She smiled and asked him how was her powerful yantra working on him. Mano realised that 'mother' has given him something that gives good protection to those wearing it.

Days past, Mano became a cook after his 3 months basic training. He will got up early, before others cooks and began his duty. He does most of the work while his colleagues had more free time. He was a gem for them. In case, if anyone rushed to see him while he was cooking, he will take some food and offer it. 'Don't worry you eat this and go, your problem will be solved' and true enough it happened. His divine powers were like a wishing well for many of them. His free time was spent for meditation, prayers and to help others rather then other entertainment. Time elapsed, Mano completed his National service but he extended his service for another ten years. He felt that the camp was his second home.

Mano's popularity spread fast. Most of the officers knew him. At times, he would seek for leniency to the officers on behalf of his friends to escape punishment. Mano's friends were confident that somehow Mano would help them either officially or by prayers. However, he had some people who opposed him without reason.

Once a Malay colleague confronted Mano and challenged him on some matters. Mano was reluctant to accept the challenge because he did not wish to misuse his powers. But his colleagues did not give up till Mano agreed. At that moment, Mano was having tea so he asked his colleague to drink the remainder of the tea and leave to see what happens later. He drank it and went back to his barrack and as it was late night, without waiting any longer, he went to sleep. When everyone was sleeping soundly, he heard someone calling his name in a very stern voice.

He woke to see his watch and it was very early morning and he looked around him to see who was calling him. Others were still sleeping and when he looked behind his bed, he saw a radiant light like some patch of clouds. He quickly stood up in shock and couldn't understand what it was.

There was a stern voice coming from the radiant light. 'You don't ask anything about Samy (Mano) or oppose him. If you want, ask about yourself from him?' after saying this in Malay, the light vanished. His colleague couldn't sleep again so he waited for sunrise to meet Mano. He was a pious person so he understood that Mano is a divine person. He related the incident to Mano and apologised and became good friends thereafter.

One day as usual, Mano was in the cookhouse preparing food. Suddenly his (Chinese) roommate dashed towards him. He looked pale and was mumbling something to Mano. Mano couldn't understand anything he said so he gave him a glass of water to calm him down.

'Mano your mother (Kali) photo is swinging in the air. I saw that and I got frightened. Come quickly and see!' He pulled Mano's hand and brought him back to the room but when Mano went there everything were normal. Mano looked at his roommate and he began to explain what happened.

He revealed that he tried to steal some money from Mano's wallet placed beside mother Kali's photo. At that juncture, the photo rose by itself and floated. Mano understood why mother did that so he warned his friend not to do such things again. 'If you need money ask me but don't steal', he told his friend and went back for duty.

Mano was talking to his friends as usual and they were discussing about divine matters. Their conversation unexpectedly turned up some sensitive arguments. Though Mano doesn't wish this, his friend's challenge aroused his anger. One of them promised to shaved off one side of the moustache and get his sister married to him regardless of being a Muslim. Mano was angry so he vow to change the sunny weather to rain; to make them realised their version about faith was insufficient. Other then that he didn't had anything in mind. He locked himself in a vacant room and started his meditation. It was about one hour; there was no noise from inside.

One of his friends peeped through the keyhole and saw Mano was floating on air in meditation. He was shocked and quickly told his friends about it. Soon the glass panes began to break for no reason. Suddenly, dark rain clouds appeared and brought a heavy downpour. It rained for sometime but Mano was still in meditation. His friends banged on the door to distract him.

Mano came out of the room and his friends apologised to him. After work Mano followed his friend home to see his sister and to make sure he shaved his moustache as promised. Mano explained to his friend's mother on her son's stupidity vows and scolded him for using his sister in the bet. His friend felt very embarrassed when his mother scolded him. Mano told him to forget about the vows that he had given, as he was not interested in marriage.

Bestowed with great divine powers, Mano was simple and humble. He did not wish to display them unless it was for a very good reason. Sometimes, he went to the extent of doing his colleague’s chores. He had a good rapport with everyone. Once, he stood up to his commanding officer to defend his friend who was charged and the officer was impressed with Mano’s concern for his friends.

His convincing speech pleased his officer and the charges were dropped. Mano emphasised that the commanding officer was a fatherly figure who should be going around the camp to check what others needed and he has to treated everyone fairly by not listening to one side of the accusations. From then onwards, the commanding officer began his daily rounds.

Besides mother Kali’s guidance, Mano explored about other religions. He fasted for days and slept on the floor. He meditated upon each great power and it was not wasted. He saw a very tall person, swaddled with clothes and holding on to a huge book. His features were not clear. He spoke to Mano in Arabic, upon opening the book and recited an ‘Ahyat’.

This is a special verse from God to signify the Truth. Similarly few days later, Mano began his search about Christianity. Jesus Christ appeared in white clothes and blessed him. Then he began to meditate upon Buddha. He felt many types of experience during his prayers. Buddha appeared and blessed him.

Mano began his meditation on various Gods in Hinduism and accomplished whatever knowledge he wished for from them. He felt the divine waves penetrating into his body from different directions too. He finally understood by his own experience, as told by mother Kali that there is only ‘One Almighty God’ addressed by various names and approached with different belief or religion. Though Mano was not well educated, the blessings of God have given him the knowledge about the contents in the Holy books.

People who have been wayward in their spiritual beliefs sought to repent when they heard his version on God and holy books. Countless people overcame their problems by Mano’s divine powers. His respect for all religions, divine knowledge and divine powers made others to call him as “Samy” and it means that some treated him as god or a person who possess divine powers. Samy served as a good guide and guru to all his followers. Many of his devotees gained good knowledge and had witnessed many divine acts.

For Samy, mother Kali is the nectar of divine knowledge. His great devotion had pleased mother who granted him many boons but he only wished for her blessings. Samy always thinks that materialistic desires will become a hindrance for spiritual progress. When ruthless people try to harm him, Mother would tend to punish them. But Samy will stop her by giving many convincing excuses.

However, she was frustrated by Samy’s frequent objection in this matter that once she told him, “You are too kind so you better harden yourself”. Nevertheless, she tested him in many ways only to find him perfect in mind, body and soul. To acknowledge her happiness, mother Kali presented him a new ‘Yantra’. Like ‘Sri Sakara’, this yantra has powerful effects too. People have seen radiant light entering the ‘yantra’. Temples which uses this ‘yantra’ have good changes and some have seen ‘mother’s visible movements’.

Samy was too engrossed with mother Kali’s thought and at times he would tell his followers that his feelings are related to hers. Many have witnessed the truth in this statement when they noticed the changes on his face. Samy’s face would become reddish or fierce during normal conversion. He has the ability to tell the past and present deeds of others or what were they thinking or discussing. He would predict the future changes or disasters of the world. He had granted divine powers to some and remedies for others.

He set his own principles in spiritual life. Everyone knew that God is everywhere but when it comes to certain disciplines, some of the divine ones restricted their movements and relations. Samy is a person who moves freely like others as he thinks that for a perfect person their body is sacred and their presence at any place will purify it. His friendly approach has given others a chance to voice out all their doubts without hesitation.

His great involvement and power to prove the truth on many issues has gathered many followers and this will be written in the following pages. Samy’s ardent disciples were those who tested him in many ways before becoming one. It is the fate in Kaliyuga that Gurus will not be much respected when compared with other yugas. The period where Gurus testing their disciples has elapsed. However, the relationship between a guru and a disciple depends on an individual’s karma and devotion in the past life.

Despite Samy’s devotion and service, he always felt that there was something missing within. However, he carried on his routine duties. When he was about 21 years old, he got married, as an obligation (required due to past life) without his parent’s consent. His new commitment drifted him away from his own family. Since Samy knew well about maya, he didn’t regret his deeds. He led a simple life. When children were born, he financially suffered to meet ends. There were times when he was without enough food for the family. But his faith grew stronger.

He never asked ‘mother’ or others, who seek his assistance for help, as he knew that this was his karma. In fact, he was different from those who change religion or faith due to poverty. He faced various problems but he never neglected his faith in mother. At times, mother would tell him about treasures hidden in places that could be used to prosper in life. Samy had refuse it and asked her to inform those who are poorer than him. When Samy became penniless, unexpectedly someone will come seeking solution for problems and they will place small amount of money as tokens.

On attaining the age of 24 years, Samy realised his missing link or it can be accepted as ‘self-realisation’. One night, while he was sleeping he felt great changes in his body and mind. He opened his eyes to see his body’s transform into a divine form. It lasted for a few minutes and changed to his present look. Mother told him that he has submitted himself with his own Maya (illusion) to hide his incarnation. “You are Srimanth Narayana incarnated on earth to accomplish your duties as Kalki”. At the age of 40 years old, your name Manogaran and Samy will become invalid. The people will recognise you only as Sri Kalki. ‘Mother, at this scientific and modern time others will never belief it and I must prove my statement”. Immediately mother responded, “ask your friend to go to Vaithiswaren temple in India. There is a place that sees Sage Vashister Olai Suvadi and in it you will see all your evidences that justifies your divine birth.” Samy kept silent for awhile and then decided to let things happen on its own course. Upon such revelation, Samy understood about his life and relation with mother Kali. Soon he had many invisible visitors at his home and in places he visits. Some of such incidents would come later.

Few months passed, one of his disciples called Segar planned to go to India to settle some property matters. Samy asked him to go and see his ‘olai suvadi’ near Vaithiswaren temple. He gave all the necessary information to Segar. Samy told him that if they refused to see it without his presence, he was to pass some bad remarks about him. Segar and his mother went off to their village and with Samy’s help their problems were solved within a short period. One evening, while Segar and his mother were relaxing at the veranda, a fortune-teller caught their attention.

Out of curiosity, Segar’s mother asked him about her family problems and the fortune-teller’s prediction was correct. Segar quickly thought of testing him by giving Samy’s name and birth details. The fortune-teller began to pray to ‘mother jaggamma’ and tapped his instrument. “ This person was born in one place (Spore) and grew up in another place (Malaysia). His birth will destroy injustice (ah-dharmam). His outlook and speech does not tally and his age is not 32, he has no age!” He stopped and threw his instrument (udukai) down. ‘Mother Jaggamma won’t let me reveal anymore; than without taking any money, he left the place hastily.

His predictions aroused Segars’ urge to know more about Samy. He quickly told his mother that he would be going to the place to see Samy’s olai suvadi. Next morning, he took a bus and reached his destination by mid-day. He waited awhile and then began to give Samy’s details but as told by Samy earlier they refused to see it without his presence so Segar immediately passed some bad remarks about Samy to them. As expected out of anger, they took out Samy’s olai Suvadi. The chief reader and boss called Mr.Pusamuthu began to recite the contents on it.

The 1st line says “Paranthama’s incarnation as Sri Kalki”

The 2nd line says “all his followers from the time of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna will join him in this birth for a good cause”

The 3rd line says “ all those who are close to him are his weapons in human form and they will change to their original form when the time ripens.”

The 4th line says, “ an island will be destroyed when the time ripens to reveal his true form and he will disappear.”

The 5th line says, “ all the followers seeking his divine feet will be granted good merits (punniyam)

The 6th line says “ his similar deep breath as Lord Narasimha, will destroy various places now”

Mr. Pusamuthu immediately stopped as his vision was getting blurred. He saw the lines were moving up and down and sensed that he has read out ‘god’s divine secrets’. Segar felt disappointed that he couldn’t know more. However, Mr.Pusamuthu warned Segar not to reveal any of this information to Samy, as he would have to leave far away from him. On returning to Singapore after a month’s stay in India, he visited Samy.

Segar didn’t hide anything from Samy and revealed everything in detail. Samy was contented to have such information as evidence but unfortunately as warned, Segar moved far away from Samy.

Samy confirmed that he has an important mission to carry out. He kept his birth as a secret and he does not wish to have any type of hindrance from others. Samy was keener in higher divine matters and mind revelation that will benefit mankind in future.

He spent more time in meditation and helping others in problems.He would often talk to ‘mother’ in his own way. As he grew older, his followers began to visualise him in their dreams in various divine forms regardless of religion.

“Kaliyuga is the period when most of the demons will be in the form of humans and those from hell will be released to take birth. These people will look like others but their inner self would be cruel and they commit sins without hesitation. The innocent ones will be affected and sins accumulated will result in various natural disasters.

People’s faith in god will diminish, as they will only be keen in materialistic gains. Illusionary acts will misguide others or inspire them more for personal satisfaction.

During the period of Sri Rama, outsiders were their enemies. The enemies for Sri Krishna were his own relatives and in this Kaliyuga, our enemies are within us. To win or to overcome such an enemy one needs great willpower and mental strength. To achieve this steadiness, Sri Kalki as a ‘Guru’, preaches mind revelation in the midst of various problems to guide his followers. Such in build strength prepares each one to tackle problems and simultaneously develops good faith in God and respect for all religions.”

With such challenges in mind, Samy led a simple life. He does his duties for his family but within him he is a ‘sanyasi’. Samy became much engrossed in divine life. Many people began to seek his help and ‘Mother’ never gave him a chance to seek another job.

He remembers his days when he worked as a workshop apprentice, odd job worker, helper in a petrol station and a worker in the Public Utilities Board. Even now, if he tried to get a job he couldn’t prolong on it as his mind submits in meditation at work. He remains at home and his family faces poverty. His faithful followers on understanding Samy’s difficulties began to give financial support that lessened his burden.

One day, Samy realised that people who sought him for help were depending on him for every matter. He was treated as their ‘problem solver’ and Samy understood that such actions would never educate them about life or salvation. He began to avoid such people and pretended to loose his divine powers.

He changed his residence many times for this purpose. As expected, he became free except for his faithful followers who knew his clear intentions. They made sure to keep him off from such hindrance and they only visited him occasionally. Samy made use of these opportunities for his meditation.

When Samy was 37 years old, he dreamt that he was ‘Sri Rama’ sitting on a chair surrounded by Brahmins who were chanting mantras while his head was shaved bald. They were preparing him for his father’s (King Dhasarathen) funeral rites. Samy immediately understood that his father would not live long and true enough within a month he passed away.

At the age of 40, Samy decided to take the 1st stage of Sanyasum (Illara sanyasum) officially. He sought many people whom he thought to be capable to pronounce him as “Illara Sanyasi” but they declined. Finally, Samy sought a 70-year-old man, who was a devotee of ‘mother’ but he declined at first since Samy was still young for such great sacrifice.

After much persuasion from Samy’s disciples, he checked Samy’s astrological chart to confirm his involvement in divine life. He drew a triangle and did some mathematical calculation, then kept quiet for awhile looking at Samy.

He broke his silence, ‘ well I am surprised to see such a person before me. I or no one here is qualified to fulfil your request since ‘mother’ has already given you ‘sanyasum’ at the age of five. She is following you like a shadow since that age’. All his followers were surprised and not knowing what to say they left. But Samy was not contented on such answer and he decided to go through a special prayer to fulfil his wish.

He bundled a set of saffron cloth/dhoti in front of mother’s picture for 48 days. On the last day, he asked his disciple to bring it to the temple and place it at ‘Periachi Amman’ sanctum for a small prayer. As instructed, the disciple smashed/broke a coconut and the coconut instead of breaking into pieces opened up vertically. It seemed to be a sign of ‘OK’ for him. On one auspicious morning, after ‘fire-pit’ prayers, he was pronounced as ‘Illara Sanyasi’ witnessed by his mother and followers. On this day, he was called
‘Sri Kalki Jothi'.

Sri Kalki became more involved in divine services. He spent much time in meditation and till now he never gave up his purpose of birth. He will be seen as a very ‘down-to-earth’ person to suit his human character. His followers who are with him for more than 20 years or till now are those who know his great holiness, divine forms that were seen by many people and the proven truth in his predictions.

Though each individual person do have their own problems or crisis, they never linked their karma with Sri Kalki instead they believe that he is their ‘guardian angel’ here to guide them towards salvation.

As a proof, when one of his disciples died in an accident despite of Sri Kalki’s warning him to stay home on that day. ‘He’ came in his mother’s dream and told her that he was lost and Sri Kalki brought him to a beautiful garden. More such incidents are reported on the pages that follow.

As Sri Kalki grew older, he realised that there are invincible changes in his body. He always reveals such matters to his buddy disciple. While asleep at times, he sees the angels operating on him. Occasionally, on certain nights while sleeping Sri Kalki would roar like a ‘Lion’ or ‘Narashimma’ and he will be in such trance for a few minutes. (page 11-line 6- as written in ‘Olai Suvadi’).

Various invisible beings would visit Sri Kalki often and some ‘divine ones’ who stayed once awhile at the Peedum had seen them. At times they will hear noises like people moving around, singing bhajan songs or gathering.

They were shocked but blessed to witness such ‘divine’ movements for the first time in their life. Most ‘gurus’ who understood Sri Kalki very well, regretted that they have wasted their age for not knowing him earlier.

Many of us know that meditation gives revelation for our mind that leads to self-realisation. Identifying and isolating the soul from the body and at the same time educating or disciplining our mind in knowing the results of our Karma. This divine knowledge had created many ‘masters’. But one thing that differentiates Sri Kalki from others is his birth. Each one of us are born due to our past Karma and divine knowledge uplifts our soul towards salvation while experiencing similar changes.

According to ‘mother’ and other evidences, Sri Kalki was born to live an exemplary life to guide others on the right track. He creates his own karma to keep going while doing his other duties for mankind. His meditation is as ‘Jothi’ upon ‘Jothi’ or meditation on the next stage above the present.

Light came from darkness and after Kaliyuga there will be darkness before creation restarts. Such darkness follows him as ‘mother Kali’ from birth to birth to assist her beloved ‘child’ and finally following him back to the deep universal ocean.

His perfection is such that his normal body is loosing its gravity to keep his inner body and mind firmly. While sitting, sleeping, talking or at any time ‘he’ will be out and back again.

This is one of the ways for others in seeing him in various places and forms while he is at home. All invisible things are transparent to his eyes and even shadows can’t escape his sight. Yet till now he is trying his best to lead a simple life like others.

At 50 years old, he was pronounced as ‘Sanyasi’ on Sivarathri 12 October 2004. This sacred ceremony was held in our Peedum. Though he is much qualified, he still wishes to go through these ceremonies to guide his disciples. He prefers to live as an example rather than sitting in the midst of a comfortable luxury life and advising others.

I always believe that an exemplary divine person like our Guru is like a ‘Sun’ who doesn’t need a spotlight.

The Sun is always there even if its night here; it is still shining elsewhere and the passing clouds can’t block its view forever.

But my opportunity in writing all these articles are like a service to mankind. Similarly, I am contented in sharing my devotion and its inner vibrations that could answer others’ doubts.

The forthcoming topics would reveal the truth in Sri Kalki’s divine birth.