• Sri Kalki Peedum Society

    Sri Kalki Peedum Society was first officially formed on 22nd July 1998 in Singapore. We are a non-profit registered society. Our Mission is to guide and foster people in spiritual upgrading by regularly conducting Bhajans, Japas, Meditation, Bhagavad-Gita classes.We also do our part for the society by helping the needy through the Food Relief Service program

  • Food Relief Servive

    Food Relief Service (FRS) was officially formed on 27th December 2009 to help people in poverty. Our aim is to gather anyone with a good heart to come under one-roof to serve all. This is going to be an on-going humanity service and as such, we welcome all those who have the passion to help others in need

  • Bakthi Class

    The aim of these class is to promote and cultivate basic divine knowledge in children. They should be taught early at young age to guide them through the spiritual path. The coverage of the classes are on the basic types of prayers, the different mantras for the different deities and meanings for the different types of prayers/mantras/procedures. Read more to find out more details on registration.

  • Gallery

    Watch our videos under the gallery tab and witness the activities such as Guru Sri Kalki's birthdays, prayers, bhajans and videos of general interest that we conduct at our humble peedum. Check out our NEW Section on Guru's song album!

Rebirth: In Normal Life

Sri Kalki Peedum Society / ஸ்ரீ கல்கி பீடும் சங்கம்

He leads a meaningful life with many responsibilities that actually have many hidden facts like some of these general ones.

People have noticed gods having families. Some have even questioned it. Actually God does not have a family but to guide human beings he sets an example of having a family and solving problems caused by family members. This world is a place of unity and love. To make others understand this message, my Guru leads a family life.

He emphasizes to his followers that family life plays an important role in self-realization. To build up ones will power, he should battle against problems rather than running away from it and falsely believing that he has overcome all problems. Family life helps you to get a firm answer of where you stand in spiritual life. It also teaches you to love god with a 'relation' manner.

My Guru treats everyone like a friend rather than behaving as someone special. This approach has given others a confidence to speak out frankly. An opportunity to prove to others that an incarnation is not someone to be locked away and prayed. But someone who is here to be one amongst us to help and guide.

My Guru is a modern saint. A saint who does not belief in a person's outlook. He usually reads the mind of people to know the truth rather than just listening what they say. He had predicted many things about the world, people and other matters that are happening at its own course. He does transmigration for various purposes. He talks to persons invisible to our eyes.

He protects his followers who have strong faith in him. He always makes clear to everyone that the 'Almighty God' is the only one who is strongest, kindest, smartest and greatest in all areas. The rest are just a puppet of god used as a research base to explore and invent new things. God is like a great universal ocean; those who think they have understood him has only understood god as the amount of water one have scooped from that ocean with both palms.

My Guru doesn't encourage people in believing objects that appears and disappears like magic. Such acts could misguide people into believing magic and not believing in god. He has cured a few sick people by miracle. At times, people have seen his divine astral body in action. If anyone asked him about what they saw he will avoid the subject. "You only believe in God who is behind all miracles".

My Guru knew himself and still goes through many difficulties like others. He tests his followers by putting himself into problems and educates them naturally in all matters. If a person approached him for a similar problem as his, he will give solutions for it. If his followers questioned him about it, he will answer them that "God knows what to give me at the right time without asking". When people with unwanted motives approach him he pretends to know nothing so that they will not believe him. At a time when he was surrounded with many people just with selfish motives, he pretended to loose powers to get rid of them.

He carried on this for ten years and this retained only his true followers. He goes through poverty, though many angels came forward to give him wealth. For his disciples or followers who are good but due to circumstances becomes victims of bad habits who don't heed his advice, he gives them the opportunities to repent. Such kindness has made many alcoholics and people with unwanted habit change for the good.

My Guru possesses the attitude of a child. Someone who does not hide things but just teaches what he really knows. If he scolds a person for his mistakes and if they keep away from him out of anger or fear; my Guru on meeting them will just talk to them as if nothing had happened. He does not have any personal grudges on anyone no matter what wrong they have done. He corrects mistakes in a manner and does not offend them.

At times childishly, he will bless stones picked from the ground or gives match sticks or anything, which does help people who approach him with problems. Though confused by his actions, they will experience remarkable results that only proves his ability. He tests the faith of such people and also proves to them that for a true divine person anything can be possible without having to go through many days of prayers.

In conclusion, my Guru is a person who is not be described just by words but a person to be recognized by meditation. A Guru to seek upon for self-realization and salvation. I feel greatly honored to be his disciple and I thank the 'Almighty God" for giving me the chance of my life in serving him.