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Love And Marriage

Sri Kalki Peedum Society / ஸ்ரீ கல்கி பீடும் சங்கம்

Nowadays, Love is mostly treated in satisfying each other’s body needs and financial solutions. This is the reason for many love and marriage break-ups. We have also seen some people who love their pets more than their life partners. It shows the insufficient recognition in human touch.

Many great ones had said that it is a gift to attain Human birth. This human body is a magnificent power base yet to be realized by most people. Love is another marvelous gift depending on what you love for or expecting from others. Love is an immeasurable feeling as such it is segregated accordingly by the sense of belonging or relations.

The feelings in every male and female are almost the same. In each body, we have a weak left side and a strong right side. Our feelings also reveal the firmness and weakness on both male and female bodies.

Marriage brings not only two persons together but also their feelings. If your feelings goes well with your partner than the marriage is fruitful, if not it becomes a debating ground where each ones respect is tarnished by accusations. Love is the structure for many relations.

True love is sacrifice, care, respect, faith and understanding. Tolerance and clear thinking are part of love’s assets. It is good to understand oneself first before comparing with others. Loving someone just for the sake of loving is safer than loving someone for reasons since it can change anytime.

Marriage is a sacred ritual to assist nature in perpetuating human race. It disciplines the flirting mind by the thought of their life partner. It builds responsibility, faith and unity for a good family and society. Simultaneously, in such devoted relationship, the equal satisfaction in sexual love shared, arouses the Kundalini power steadily.

The purpose of practicing Yoga is also for stimulating the Kundalini power located at the tip of the backbone (tail). An extra advantage of Yoga is for keeping the body system in a good condition. Experienced Yogis had concluded that awakening the Kundalini power is the key of self-realisation. Proper guidance is very important too.

Like the rough sea (male) produces high current (female) that is used to generate electricity.

Marriage is one of the nature’s secrets visibly displayed. A person can try keeping his mind and heart away from Karma while still enjoying life’s comfort. Identifying our body requirements and mind control over desires with necessary practices in sense purification is Karma Yoga.

Seeing your partner differently is normal but seeing your partner in you is divine. People with such capabilities never find faults with their life partners. This is a type of mind control and meditation in the course of self-realisation.

Make your marriage life a more meaningful one.