• Sri Kalki Peedum Society

    Sri Kalki Peedum Society was first officially formed on 22nd July 1998 in Singapore. We are a non-profit registered society. Our Mission is to guide and foster people in spiritual upgrading by regularly conducting Bhajans, Japas, Meditation, Bhagavad-Gita classes.We also do our part for the society by helping the needy through the Food Relief Service program

  • Food Relief Servive

    Food Relief Service (FRS) was officially formed on 27th December 2009 to help people in poverty. Our aim is to gather anyone with a good heart to come under one-roof to serve all. This is going to be an on-going humanity service and as such, we welcome all those who have the passion to help others in need

  • Bakthi Class

    The aim of these class is to promote and cultivate basic divine knowledge in children. They should be taught early at young age to guide them through the spiritual path. The coverage of the classes are on the basic types of prayers, the different mantras for the different deities and meanings for the different types of prayers/mantras/procedures. Read more to find out more details on registration.

  • Gallery

    Watch our videos under the gallery tab and witness the activities such as Guru Sri Kalki's birthdays, prayers, bhajans and videos of general interest that we conduct at our humble peedum. Check out our NEW Section on Guru's song album!

Rebirth: My Guru - 'I Am I'

Sri Kalki Peedum Society / ஸ்ரீ கல்கி பீடும் சங்கம்

A birth taken to let the devotees of his previous birth, to serve him now as family members, disciples, friends and followers. A birth taken as a human being to prove what type of achievements can be made by the body in spiritual life without neglecting family life. A birth, taken to teach others to overcome darkness and to guide all the misled souls.

Everyone has seven stages of power points in their human bodies used to attain salvation. People like saints can go up to eight stages. Only an incarnation can attain ten stages (three out of the body). The body system is programmed in such a way that if others try to exceed their limitations their body cannot cope with it. Whereas, a birth taken to battle the evil with the motive of explaining the meaning of "I am I".

Those who only wished to reach God and those at the verge of attaining perfection should not miss a 'Guru' like mine. A very simple person born with a mission. He is humble and at times childish. He dislikes falsehood and selfish people. Yes, a person though proved by the old scripts as an incarnation, only proclaims to be an ordinary person like others just to show the importance of human birth. He believes in living as a person with good qualities first before becoming someone superior. I strongly believe that only a supreme soul can lead other souls to the right destination.

The world is a place for the misled souls in different bodies to repent. Stones, bricks, trees, plants and other species that are found at divine places and at places of worship takes the next higher birth at the end of their life span when they touched or stepped upon by great devotees.

While on the process of birth and death cycle, spiritual leaders and divine people guide human beings to a better understanding of spiritual life and God. By repeated births, they are guided by the 'perfect ones' like Rishes to be spiritually upgraded. Once they have reached the peak to attain immortality; they will somehow get to meet the person who possesses the divine knowledge in attaining salvation.