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Who am I: Step 7

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What the Gita says… This chapter is linked to the mind. Our mind has 3 types of thoughts. The good, average and bad thoughts. In each person, the thoughts differ in different proportions according to one's karma in previous life and devotion. In self-realization, if one is able to understand this truth; he will be able to direct his mind on the right track.

If a person possesses a high proportion of good thoughts:-

a) He will have a clear, positive and firm thinking. Such healthy thoughts outshine itself and make self-realization easier due to inner happiness and satisfaction. This leads to a healthier life.

b) The vital power points in the body get activated and the mind is spiritually motivated to get involved in thinking and doing the right things.

c) Such people usually favor for tasty food, fried food, sweets and food that don't cause digestion problems. Healthy food leads to healthy life, determination and long live.

d) Their mind is capable to accept happiness and sadness, love and hatred, likes and dislikes, praises and insults etc. equally.

e) The stability of the mind gives them the willpower to face and overcome problems.

f) They do things for others benefit without any personal expectations.

g) Such selfless healthy thoughts upgrade the mind towards the path of spirituality. It urges one to pray more and to get involved in doing more good things. It teaches the mind about the body, soul and salvation.

h) One is able to understand the rights and wrongs clearly. It educates one to understand the reason for bondage and salvation. It helps to decrease the urge for desires.

i) These moral thoughts lead to salvation faster.

If a person possesses an average proportion of good thoughts: -

a) Such thoughts create a sense of belonging in everything. Personnel desires and bondage control these thoughts.

b) Unable to control the desires of the senses (like food, comfort etc.). It makes one greedy. They adore scented things and perfumes.

c) They are keener in results. They grieve on failures and create unnecessary problems to the person who benefits.

d) They go through happiness and sadness in their daily life. High expectations for luxurious living and stress on all matters give them an unhealthy life.

e) Such people favor for spicy and hot food. They like bitter, sour food and food that don't make them feel hungry. Unhealthy food habits affect the stomach that makes the person sick, which results in pains and worries.

f) Their prayers will always be for personnel gains and satisfaction. Their mind will be filled with ego.

g) They have confusion in understanding about moral law and they will also believe that different bodies have different souls.

h) Such thought traps them in the cycle of birth and death. Eventually, these people will take another human birth.

If a person possesses a low proportion of good thoughts: -

a) This birth is usually due to ignorance. Such people are unable to understand the rights and wrongs in life. They are unable to carry out things without guidance.

b) Such people can't differentiate the soul and body. They will think that the body is the soul and upon death everything is over. Their narrow mindedness causes confusion and unstable thinking.

c) They like to sleep for long hours and they always feels lazy. They have no sense of spirituality.

d) They will eat leftover foods; stale food, dirty food and incomplete foods left behind by others.

e) Such people are always without peace. They are unable to do things on time. Worries and laziness overcome them. They are cunning, rude and have a bad behavior.

f) They don't fear in hurting anyone for personnel gratification.

g) Such unhealthy and immoral thoughts condemn a person from a human birth to a lower birth like animals or plants (others). Their path to salvation will be too far to reach.

It is better to put our sub-conscious mind on alert to check on our thoughts that slithers away. Though the above facts reveal our stage of the mind; many do not know the way to upgrade the thoughts for a better life.

The following practices might help us in some ways, if it is strictly and sincerely adapted.

1. To promote good and satisfying friendship with everyone that gives inner happiness.

2. To pity and show kindness to the unfortunate people.

3. To mix with people with good character.

4. To learn how to treat even the bad people equally like others without showing hatred.

This helps to create inner happiness and peace.