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The Enlightened Guru Sri Kalki Jothi

Sri Kalki Peedum Society / ஸ்ரீ கல்கி பீடும் சங்கம்

‘I am just a Light/ jothi, the same light in you as soul. I am not a male or female. I don’t have a religion or race or any impartiality. I appear to my devotees in a form that they wish to see me.’ These were the answers given to our great guru Sri Kalki jothi personally by Mother Kali.

Enlightenment is to understand the cosmic energy (soul) in us. Charging the energy of the soul with mantras and meditation. This energy in us is more powerful than weapons. Great people like Mosses, who opened the sea to make a path; Maharishi Visvamitra created another world and woke up the dead and there are many more. For all these great people their body was use as an object to fulfill their duties for mankind.

It is a great gift for our Guru to have Mother Kali as his supreme Guru and well wisher. Under her guidance, he has gained the nectar of Knowledge, which can be understood by his speech and seen, in the course of his duties. We know that Mother Kali is fierce and she is always in the process of destroying the sins of the world. Her great devotees use to say that even ‘Death fears her’. She is Maya and she is also the knowledge to understand it.

Born with her blessings, during his teenage, Mother placed our guru’s head on her lap while he slept. Their relationship is such that “Mother’s love will never hurt her child and child’s love will somehow cool down her anger.” I strongly believe that this bondage seems to be continuing from the past. This is an opportunity which should be not be miss for all those who wish to acquire similar knowledge like his.

The message receive from our Divine Guru Sri Kalki Jothi in Meditation

Death is a painful moment when one goes through various agonies. Deep irregular breathing with burning sensation in the eyes. He could see their dead relatives and friends waiting for him. Some can see their guardian Gods/Angels too. He will feel tremendous thirst and hunger. The mind will be in confused stage and the thoughts of the past from young will roll in his mind like seeing a picture. Overcome by great fear he will also have body aches cause by stretching of nerves, veins and muscles. His body will become stiff and heavy. Once the soul leaves the body it will not know where to go? ‘It’ will be brought to a garden like others. Their Karma decides the next birth.

Meditation is the path for ‘soul realization’. No other prayers or methods can upgrade your mind to ‘enlightenment’ stage. If you keep on thinking that other ways could help you than, it’s your karma that suggests it. ‘Soul’ satisfaction and inner peace occurs to people who learns and practices self-discipline. As an outcome of our past karma (sin), we will be urged (desire) into doing certain things without knowing its consequences (problem).

Meditation helps to correct the senses and controls the mind from straying, like letting you feel or understand the effects of your actions before its been carried out (knowledge). At a higher stage in meditation you will know the way to erase off the records of your karma accumulated from all the previous birth that keeps on pushing you into other births. Meditation changes you from inside and guides you to live a moral life.

Go through all the experiences fated for you as it gives more knowledge about life to achieve perfection. Holy attires may help you to gain public recognition but it will never help you much in divine knowledge. The real challenge in life is winning the enemies within you like anger, ego, lust, jealousy and so on. All those practicing ‘soul realization’ prefers more privacy since their mind, most of the time will be indulge in the ‘light’ alike our Guru.

Choosing the right guru will give you the experience of vibrations in ‘enlightenment’. This is the knowledge that makes ‘death’ a voluntary passage towards where we choose to go confidently without fear.

Soul realization

On understanding your ‘soul’ and its vast energy, you tend to become more alert and active inside. Your spirit can leave than return to the body as wished. You will have the power to see invincible personalities like angels, ghosts, demigods and forms moving as shadows. You can also see Rishis or other divine beings who travels the same way. You can understand the 5 elements and some even have the ability to control it. You can pop out from photos and return the same way. If time allows, at times you can postpone someone’s death. You can wake people from coma. You can assist the dead ones to find their ways to a safe destination. You can predict the future of the countries, changes of nature and the planets. You can retain your spirit willingly in the world to take other bodies to guide mankind. You can do illusionary acts but our guru discourages it as it could divert our mind and apprehends it for achieving higher knowledge.

I never knew any of these till I met our divine guru. For the past 25 years, I am personally seeing and hearing from others all sorts of things. The greatness in him is his humbleness. As a direct disciple of ‘mother Kali’, he never takes advantage of her to avoid his own difficulties and hardly thinks of his own future. Most of the time, he does his ‘miracles’ very quietly. He sleeps less, meditates more and leaves his body frequently. Usually anyone with such ‘gift’ will try to keep away from public or materialistic people. Though going through much discomfort and hindrance, he patiently awaits for those who sincerely wish to know about ‘soul realization’. Another advantage is that with his blessings, some of his followers have seen ‘Mother’ in person. Elsewhere, there are others who sit in penance for years hopping to see her at least once in their lifetime.

I always feel that he is the greatest gift for anyone who wished to know the real value of ‘divine knowledge’. Our ego, desires, status and our unreasonable curiosity or maybe it’s our bad karma that prevents our mind from knowing the truth. Moreover, nowadays people are keen in acquiring knowledge that can solve problems and satisfy their needs. Such devotion will never help anyone to attain salvation. Our Guru use to say that among billions of people, only 2 or 3 people attain salvation and I feel that those who practice what he teaches could be some of the chosen ones.

As a dedication to divine life, I have decided to disclose some of the incidents that were experienced by his followers. You will be very much surprise on reading it. You will clearly understand the need for ‘mind revelation’ which reveals the truth in all matters. It improves our love/kindness for mankind that strengthens unity. It guards you against all the sins of Kaliyuga.

To be continued..