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The Year 2012 !

Sri Kalki Peedum Society / ஸ்ரீ கல்கி பீடும் சங்கம்

The present topic of the world is the year 2012 that has struck fear in us. Now that scientist admits their miscalculations and expects drastic changes in the world soon. The word ‘Evolution’ is much suitable to describe this situation.

Most of these predictions of Sir Notradamus came true. Apart from him other geniuses, scientists and our Holy books are all saying the same evolution. Now what mankind needs is not the accuracy of predictions, but what is the remedy? Who is the Savior? and which type of worship will save mankind and Earth.

It is very sad to say that the ‘destruction’ of mankind was started by Man (himself) and now it has triggered the 5 elements. Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Sky have began to display its fury by volcano eruptions, earthquakes, flooding, increase in Sun’s heat, other fire hazards, tornadoes and hurricanes. Though the sky is still calm, I think in future its fury will be more drastic.

We have many religions and Holy books around the world to guide mankind on moral path to attain salvation or to make our life better as long as we are on earth. Instead of practicing according to guidelines, we have diverted our thoughts more on other matters. Our insufficient knowledge in ‘true divine’ life have given way to ‘self incarnated’ personalities to make things more complicated.

When their own countrymen are having major problems, ‘these people’ are travelling around the world to teach others. Some groups are giving ‘allowance’ for recruiting more followers. Always bear in mind we are responsible for all our actions. You can have hundreds of excuses but whatever mistakes done can’t be rectified. We have to take another birth to clear that sin.

According to some calendar calculations, Kaliyuga began more than 5000 years ago.

Do you know that the Fate of Kaliyuga was predicted before it began? The impact of Kaliyuga is like poisonous gas mixed with air harming those inhaling. It will ‘Seduce’ our mind. For this reason, every part of the world is affected by similar problems. Like some written here.

“The clothes will become cheap. Greying of hair will begin at young age. Fancy hairstyles will be much adored. Faith will be mostly practiced for satisfying personal needs. People will have more life partners and most will seek for partners who give all comforts rather than true love. People will be more materialistic. Illicit affairs will become common. Theft, gambling, alcoholism, womanizing and murdering people will increase. The royal family lineage for throne will be taken over by the ‘rich and powerful’ people to rule. Heavy taxes affect life of commoners. Elders, parents and in-laws will not be respected. People will become very ‘selfish’ like father or son has to safeguard their own rice bowl.

Family values or blood relations will not be given much importance. Teenagers as young as 9 years old can ‘father’ a child. More people prefer to pray to Gods or Angels meant for destruction duties. New types of religions will arise. Most prayers and charities will be done for personal gains rather than for ‘genuine kindness'. Food products will not be original. Mother Earth is very much disrespected.”

The increase of sins will trigger the fury of 5 elements causing natural disasters little by little followed by sudden major ones. This is what we are witnessing now and we can witness more in the future.

There is always a genius with us, the only thing is that we don’t realize it until they are gone. Those well recognized are those with Certificates. Many have not understood that ‘divine knowledge’ is ignited by the cosmic energy and not by graduation.

Anyway do you think that any one type of religion can save the world? It is impossible since we are divided and sub-divided by religion and race. Our belief and faith are different. Moreover our land, sea and sky are also divided by boundaries. However the only thing most Holy books reveal that GOD has no form. He is in the form of Light with limitless energy. So I pray that all of us agree on this and let us put our minds together and pray to Him in this Light form.

Time is very short. It is better to have a ‘heart to heart’ talk with God. Meditate and see the soul (the representative of the almighty light). Forget other matters and get indulge with that divine feeling. Plead with God for the safety of Mother Earth and Mankind.

This is the only prayer that brings all the people of various indifferences together. The awakening of the soul in each person will change them for good by bringing unity and peace. When all the ‘souls’ recites the same prayer, I faithfully believe that the ‘Almighty God’ will protect us. This is the only prayer that can please ‘Him’.

I love Mother Earth for all her sacrifices. We must value our Human Birth and love everyone. Each person’s self purification will change the earth into a better place to live. Divine love is powerful enough to make great changes in our life. Love GOD.


Well wisher.