• Sri Kalki Peedum Society

    Sri Kalki Peedum Society was first officially formed on 22nd July 1998 in Singapore. We are a non-profit registered society. Our Mission is to guide and foster people in spiritual upgrading by regularly conducting Bhajans, Japas, Meditation, Bhagavad-Gita classes.We also do our part for the society by helping the needy through the Food Relief Service program

  • Food Relief Servive

    Food Relief Service (FRS) was officially formed on 27th December 2009 to help people in poverty. Our aim is to gather anyone with a good heart to come under one-roof to serve all. This is going to be an on-going humanity service and as such, we welcome all those who have the passion to help others in need

  • Bakthi Class

    The aim of these class is to promote and cultivate basic divine knowledge in children. They should be taught early at young age to guide them through the spiritual path. The coverage of the classes are on the basic types of prayers, the different mantras for the different deities and meanings for the different types of prayers/mantras/procedures. Read more to find out more details on registration.

  • Gallery

    Watch our videos under the gallery tab and witness the activities such as Guru Sri Kalki's birthdays, prayers, bhajans and videos of general interest that we conduct at our humble peedum. Check out our NEW Section on Guru's song album!

1. The Sorcerer and his Evil Angel

Sri Kalki Peedum Society / ஸ்ரீ கல்கி பீடும் சங்கம்

Our guru has helped countless of people affected by the problems of sorcerers. Whenever he relieved someone, the sorcerers targeted him. If he was not ‘strong’, he would have been ‘gone’. Our guru put his life at risks all the time when handling such severe cases. He believed in his will power associated with the ‘supreme’ and is well taken care by his Guru ‘Mother Kaliamman’. There are many such incidents and the following is an example.

When our guru Sri Kalki was 25 years old, one of his followers took his photo and brought it to a sorcerer from overseas. The sorcerer was a bachelor and was above 90 years old. Apparently he could walk on the sea and burn things with his eyes. He will do anything for money.

Our guru was sleeping when suddenly he felt that someone had sent an evil angel to harm him.

Since he was in the divine life from the age of 5 years old and under the supervision of ‘Mother’, he possesses the power of knowing unusual things even in his sleep. He pretended to continue sleeping while he visualized everything with his power. The angel came fast and was about to strangle our guru.

The angel was surprised when she felt her hands couldn’t go closer to his neck. Our guru slowly opened his eyes and asked, ‘what is the hurry in strangling me? Look closely at me and tell me who sent you?’ The angel then came to her senses. She looked closely and understood our guru. She stepped back and clasped her hands together and asked for forgiveness. She gave the name and address to our guru.

Our guru instructed her to return and she did. Next day, our guru took the address and went to the place. He saw the old man and he was lying on his bed. Our guru introduced himself to him and asked why he sent his evil angel? The sorcerer told everything to him and continued saying that the angel, who returned, kicked him which caused severe pain at his waist.

‘You are young but your powers are much more than me. It took many years for me to become a professional but after seeing your age, I’m very surprised. I have not been defeated by anyone but now you have defeated me. I will not stay in this country or return back anymore.’ Our guru told him, ‘I have not defeated you, and this is due to your own arrogance and wrong doings. You should stop abusing your powers for harming people.’

After chatting, the sorcerer who was good in reading astrology saw our guru’s astrology.

"People call you Samy now and soon you will become one". After a few months later, the sorcerer returned back home.