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I Took This Birth To Guide You (Part 2)

Sri Kalki Peedum Society / ஸ்ரீ கல்கி பீடும் சங்கம்

As written in earlier articles, learn to see the soul and your body as two different parts. Divine knowledge is in understanding your soul as the representative of the ‘supreme power’ (GOD). Daily meditation is the way to feel it. It lessens the needs of our body and inspires us further. Since our feelings are more linked to the soul, we will prefer more loneliness. All in-differences will be cleared and our behavior will be more naturally disciplined without regrets.

However our efforts in self-realization will have hindrance since each birth is taken for various reasons including in clearing the past karma. For this reason many people who tries to attain perfection fails it or gets confuse or some may loose control of their mind.
We have to seek a guru who can understand our inner quest and guides us accordingly. Definitely no one can get it done in a short period.

Our interactions in family life, career, friends and all other aspects give our feelings practical work. Our mind been linked to supreme power, analyze the dos and don’ts and right and wrong. Upon gaining strong ‘inner feelings’, you can understand matters clearer. We have to use our feelings to guide the soul to enlightenment; it is not a right practice to avoid our families or other duties. There is a reason for all creations. All types of experience will lead to perfection. Improper or incomplete practices and those who isolate themselves or pretend to be holy, in a matter of time are the ones who get into problems have been unable to control their desires. Such desires for love, wealth, fame and other weaknesses are examples.

At a stage you will know that your soul is energized through meditation and interacts closely with our mind. As you advance, your feelings will be detached from the body and your soul will be more close to the supreme cosmic energy. Such detachment will give an everlasting joy and contentment. This is the sense of enlightenment. You will know the changes of nature or forthcoming disasters and matters that normal people don’t know or understand. You can see and communicate with higher beings like demigods, angels, similar knowledgeable persons and invincible personalities. You can also talk to ghosts or restless spirits.

Injustice, immoral act, ego, lust and evil rules Kaliyuga. The spirit of Kaliyuga is mixed in the air and for this reason we see simultaneous misdeeds everywhere. This is the reason for ‘Mother Kaliamman’ to be popular among devotees. She takes an evil form to scare and control the evil. Those who understand her well worship her in every part of the world in different names. However those who misuse her powers are the ones who meets a fatal death.

At this stage of time, to live a moral life as a good human being we need a prayer or a Guru who can give us the strength in self-realization. Our soul been energized will have the power to win over all weaknesses and evil. We are gifted in this matter for having a great Guru born with Mother Kali’s blessing. Sri Amsa Jothi @ Sri Kalki Jothi a name given by ‘Mother’ is a great master. He only practices meditation and uses his will power to help others. He so attached to ‘Mother Kali’ with divine love. SHE is his well wisher and Master since his birth.

There is always surprising incidents happening to all those who see our Guru with right thoughts. I have chosen a few examples from each different subject that justifies the credibility of our Guru Sri Kalki Jothi.

With Guru’s blessings,