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Sri Kalki Peedum Society / ஸ்ரீ கல்கி பீடும் சங்கம்

Early December 2010
Our Guru, Sri Kalki, has foresees that in future there will be numerous incidents causing death to many people at a time. It will be due to natural disasters, accidents and others.

1st May 2010
On May 1st 2010, we celebrated our guru's 56th birthday. Here are his predictions from year 2010.

1. Earth will slowly move further away from the sun. 

2. In future, people will be astonished to see the sun rising from and also setting on the East.

When his disciples and followers asked about the risk of our country in case of natural disasters, he answered them, "don't worry, Singapore is well protected with God's blessings. It is very appropriate to call Singapore as ‘Vaigunda’ (abode of Lord Narayana) of Earth at this period of Kaliyuga". If a place is not protected by divine beings, it becomes an easy target for natural disasters.

A few highly divine ones who keep a very low profile from the public knew this secret too.

13 May 2008
Presently, We are experiencing the Sun's increasing heat. We also see that the Ice is melting fast. When the heat increases, the resources (petrol, oil, water etc.) from Earth will dry up and agriculture will be affected. The increase in sea level will flood lowlands making the land areas smaller in size while in other places, land will become barren or may turn into deserts.

Natural disasters will occur frequently and it will be more disastrous. Big countries will be affected most. There will be social unrest among people. When the resources dry, affected countries requests may be turn down which can lead to conflicts. Humanity and unity should be widely practiced.

The wealthy people must help the poor ones. We should get rid of our arrogance, selfish attitude, jealousy and greediness.  Countries should avoid eyeing on others' properties or resources. This may lead to war.

Do your daily prayers, increase your willpower and ask mercy from God. Though we have different beliefs, when Earth is affected, all of us will somehow be affected too.

Love Earth. Be kind to everyone.

1 April 2006
Soon the life span of iron material will expire and this will cause various accidents (Like cars, trains, ships etc).

About 3 or 4 countries in S.E.Asia region will face severe flood problems. We can expect big earthquakes too.

30th October 2005
In future people will experience 'blood rain'. Big and highly populated continents will become small due to natural disasters.

As informed earlier, the melting snow from the Himalaya mountain range will affect about 20 million people in the surrounding countries.

In fact, there is no safety in any part of the world from natural disasters.

On 12 Oct 05 morning we performed a 'fire-prayers' (yagna), to get rid of 'dengue fever' and 'bird flu' here. We hope our prayers will be answered.

29 March 2005
On 26 Jan 2005, our guru predicted that in time to come, the sun’s heat will increase and we will experience fire rain as well.  A neighboring country will experience an earthquake that will wreck the national highway by landslides (mountainous region). An island will be pushed nearer a peninsula.

On 27 Jan 2005, guru prophesied that a highly populated religious country has chances of splitting into 2 or 3 parts. On nearing 2009/2010, snow from the Himalayas and Mount Kailash will melt flooding the surrounding lowlands.

‘Mother’ has informed our Guru that there is going to be another big earthquake anytime from April 2005.

20 January 2005
Recently, I read an article in the newspaper, it read "Where was god when Tsunami came?" "Is nature powerful than God that makes God helpless and why did God let people share his suffering?" "If it is ones'Karma or Sin why all must go through this disaster?"

Divine knowledge and science leads to many discoveries about nature. Science comes with evidence, while divine knowledge is gained by personal research and experience and in most cases it cannot be shown to others but could only be felt. Self-realization is personal research and the outcome of such research is knowledge (experience). God is less powerful to those who see his power in a 'form' or 'religion'. He is more powerful when you realize his universal level. God is nature and nature is god. He destroys what he has created and others can't question him. Our body is also a temporary shelter for the soul.

When we say that 'we' are the representatives of God means the 'soul' is part of the Supreme Power (god). Self-realization by meditation gives this understanding about the relationship of our soul with the cosmic power. Our body is programmed in a way to get answers. Those with this great knowledge accept death willingly and their soul returns to its origin while those without such understanding takes death as a painful unacceptable experience.

11 January 2005
“We believe that Earth functions smoothly with the strength of moral law, justice, faith, love and humanity”. Whenever these decline, this leads to natural disasters. During such occurrences, some innocent people are also affected.

As I have written earlier, once a person understands about the cosmic powers (GOD), he would also understand about the secrets or changes in Nature. Based on such divine knowledge, our guru Sri Kalki Jothi had predicted many incidents in the past. Such as, changes in planetary positions, scientists discovering new planets, breaking up of countries and many natural disasters. Few years ago, some reporters interviewed him in India asking about the huge rock that was approaching earth and he told them that Earth would not be affected. But he warned about Japan’s Kobe earthquake that took place as predicted.

About four months ago, he was telling us that earth is going to shiver anytime. This was the recent earthquake that caused the tidal wave - Tsunami. According to his prediction, there will be another shiver causing massive destruction. Recently scientists mentioned about the lava from the underground volcanoes flowing below the surface in Africa. Our guru, mentioned this to us a year ago.This would cause explosions that can split Africa. Some countries in Asia region too have such problems.

The flow of lava will merge with oil wells that will cause huge explosions in the future. The sun’s heat will increase and the melting snow will increase the sea level. Many places will become barren and earth will become hot. Drinking water will be insufficient that could lead to conflicts among countries. The landscape of many places on the world map will change and some will disappear below the sea. According to his past predictions many had happened and now we will witness the future.

The best remedy for us now, is to pray for God’s love and forgiveness. Be united and help others in need.